Top Rated E-Cigs 2013
Above are the top rated UK electronic cigarettes from our tests (from May 2012). For the best international brand we have tested, see V2 cigs, we have also included  Green Smoke UK below as they are a long standing favourite brand for many with good flavours and VG cartomizers. Also the new Halo electronic cigarette below is a new UK model using VG juice that is outstanding value for money.

SKYCIG 2013 model is outstanding. Best vapour and outstanding performance.
E-LITES is another top rated UK brand, both SKYCIG and E-Lites are top rated for 2012
Electronic Cigarette Reviews UK .
Refils compatible below are compatible with E-Lites and Nucig, use coupon BIG15 for 15% off
SKYCIG cartomizers are compatable with most similar brands. The latest flavour that we reviewed in July 2011 is the Cherry Delight, which is the top rated for 2011. If you think you will not like Cherry flavour, prepare to be proven wrong.

Top rated Marlboro flavour, classic and smooth tobacco taste, the closest yet tested to mimic that of a traditional Marlboro tobacco cigarette. We would recommend the cartomizer version of this flavour. SKYCIG cartomizers are from JSB who make the best cartomizers.
If you want to try and get away from the traditional tobacco flavours associated with traditional cigarettes, then why not try something sweet. The SKYCIG vanilla flavour is the best of any similar in our opinion. Cartomizers are compatible with most e-cig brands.
NUCIG is another good UK brand, not as good as SKYCIG or E-LITES but a good brand, popular.

Best reviewed non JSB brands
The famous Green Smoke, click above to visit site.
Latest Industry News - May 2012

V2 Cigs are officially the best electronic cigarette brand in the world. Outstanding performance and top rated international brand.

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Latest top UK reviewed electronic cigarette brands 2012
Top rated UK electronic cigarette brands
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SKYCIG is an evolving UK brand, its latest model is based on the latest Blu Cig model which the U.S best seller (and top rated on latest reviews), yet it is cheaper to buy than the Blu Cig and is UK based. Top rated. Use code FREEDOM20 for 25% discount.
E-Lites cigarettes - This is the most famous of the UK electronic cigarette brands, top rated for 2012 with awesome performance and flavour. If you are looking for something to mimic a real cigarette then both E-Lites and Skycig come out top. For a 20% discount use code NHS20.
NUCIG electronic cigarette - Nucig is similar in design to E-Lites and Skycig but not as technically advanced. They are however a trusted product which uses VG liquid and is found chemists in the UK. Again it is good value and a good product for those looking to refill with eliquid .
V2 electronic cigarettes -
Top rated international electronic cigarette model. Outstanding vapour performance, considered to have the thickest vapour on the market, with push button options as well so you do not need to suck. High quality chrome luxury feel. This is the most popular and best selling US product. Use code STOP15.
Green Smoke electronic cigarette - without doubt the most famous electronic cigarette brand.  The Green Smoke use VG liquid and have some of the best flavours we have ever tried. A huge range of different flavours to select and real good vapour performance, probably slightly dated in technology now unlike the Skycig and E-Lites but  a good product.
HALO electronic cigarettes - This is a cheap but good little UK performing ecig, using VG juice and American style technology, the New Halo ecig is well worth considering. We found the flavours and performance were good and although not quite as good as the Skycig orE-Lites model it is a bit cheaper and comes from a company with a good reputation.
Green smoke ecigarette
Electric cigarettes, no matter the way they look much more operation, emit simply no smoke. What you are really seeing is really a vapor that's produced once the liquid inside is heated. There's no fire, somewhat warmth. This provides the appealing factor of having the ability to rely on them anywhere because smoking restrictions only affect tobacco items that leave a flame. This single feature is frequently listed as the main benefit in ecigarette reviews.

You are able to completely personalize your smoking experience. The unit really utilizes a liquid to vaporize the nicotine for you personally. You are able to chose from a large number of different fluids that allow you to personalize the taste for you liking and dial within the perfect experience. Furthermore, you've complete treatments for the amount of nicotine you obtain. And in contrast to other cigarette options, electric cigarettes provide you with the same tactile feel and dental sensation like a real cigarette. Not one other option could make claiming.

Now you comprehend the benefits for example smoking anywhere you need to, selecting a awesome high-tech option to others and completely designing the flavour, feel and look from the your experience, you are now educated and eager to assert your personal. You will know the vapor the thing is is not from the tobacco fire, you realize you will be selecting a customized flavor only for you and you will be while using most advanced technology to help ease you transition. Also, the very best features pointed out in ecigarette reviews were covered here so it's not necessary to spend hrs doing research. Now you can get the personal expertise going ahead and join the brand new, awesome smoking club.

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