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5 Reasons To Buy E-Lites Electronic Cigarette

If you find those hookahs, whip or balloon vaporizers to be the ideal suit only for social gatherings and that you would need something that you can have on the go then electronic cigarettes are what you need. Even if you intend to smoke anywhere without the legal restrictions of smoking at public places, electronic cigarettes are the only solution. The omnipresence of electronic cigarettes and their long term viability has been time tested now and hundreds and thousands of smokers have already started to taste the benefits, health and financial, of electronic cigarettes.
Those that are wondering which electronic cigarette should be bought then here are 5 reasons that segregate the E-Lites electronic cigarette from the rest available for sale right now.

1. E-Lites electronic cigarette is the only brand that offers an equivalent of 40 cigarettes in its starter pack which is priced below twenty pounds. One can easily see a saving of about thirty pounds or more compared to tobacco cigarettes, depending on the brand you used to smoke. At a time when some electronic cigarettes start at a price of forty pounds, the E-Lites electronic cigarette surely makes it affordable for everyone.

2. Just like the packs itself, the refills are also highly reasonable from the perspective of price and the E-Tips (cartridges) in the packs. One can easily procure a 2 X E-Tips refill pack which would offer a smoking experience equivalent to 80 cigarettes at less than eight pounds.

3. The sheer variety and range of packs, prices and the necessary accessories make E-Lites electronic cigarette a convenient choice. The packs have rechargeable batteries, USB charger as well as a case. There are disposable packs while some packs can offer an equivalent on 200 cigarettes despite being surprisingly priced at forty or fifty pounds. Such packs would easily cost more than seventy or even close to a hundred with some other electronic cigarettes.

4. It is not common to find an electronic cigarette that has been passed through stringent quality checks or have a detailed and laid down compliance policy. E-Lites electronic cigarette is subjected to Quality Control and CE Assessment. It is always better to know that a product has been tested and proved to be safe.

5. Ordering, refilling or customer service with E-Lites electronic cigarette is a cakewalk. Very few companies in this vertical offer an international warranty, something which E-Lites electronic cigarette offers to all buyers irrespective of the packs or types or e-cigs chosen.

E-Lites 2013
E-Lites are using the best electronic cigarette technology in the world with their new E Pro 4 Kit, this kit represents the pinnacle of electronic cigarette technology, in respect of copying or minicking a real cigarette. Both taste and performance of the E Pro 4 from E-Lites came top again in 2013 in most electronic cigarette user reviews (for similarity to that of a real smoke) and satisfaction. If you are serious about giving up smoking, you need to check out the E-Lites E Pro 4 kit, top rated in most UK reviews for 2013.
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