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E-Lites latest UK technology, click image for more information.

The best electronic cigarette for 2013 is the Skycig, followed by E-Lites, both use state of the art electronic cigarette technology and have evolving products with the most realistic vapour. Ckick image below and use code BIG15.

Take a look at the new Vapestick for the UK market, using the best electronic cigarette technology.

E-Lites release their 4th generation electronic cigarette using G9 technology
For a 20% discount on your E-Lites order use discount code NHS20.
GMTV Dr Hilary Jones promoting E-Lites..
What do other e-cig review sites say? top rate UK brand SKYCIG for 2012...

Skycig have the best flavours                                , still the best range of ecig delicious flavours..


Best UK ECigs

As more smokers become aware of the benefits that electronic cigarettes can bring to their lives, more smokers are beginning to purchase and smoke ecigs. Considering that there are a vast amount of different electronic cigarette brands on the market today, finding the best UK ecigs can prove to be a difficult venture. With the use of the below steps you will undoubtably be able to find and purchase the best UK ecigs for your own personal needs.

The first factor to consider when searching for the best UK ecigs is whether the company offers you with unique packaging or if you will be acquiring generic electronic cigarette packaging. Considering that you will be spending your money on a product, you will want to ensure that all of your specific aesthetic needs are met. The majority of individuals who purchase electronic cigarettes have said that the packaging is of the utmost importance due to the fact that they will want to impress their friends and strangers with their new way of smoking. Determining whether the overall packaging suits your needs or not is of the utmost importance. As an example, one of the best UK ecigs companies titled E-Lites provides customers with the ability to purchase ecigs that emulate traditional cigarette packaging.

Another factor to consider is whether the company provides you with an ample amount of flavoring options. Many individuals prefer to receive the traditional tobacco taste when they are smoking their electronic cigarettes but others prefer flavors such as mint, cherry, or even lime. Having the ability to purchase different flavoring cartridges will provide you with an ample amount of benefits as you are enjoying your ecigs. As an example, if you have a business meeting to attend but do not want to have a tobacco scent to your clothing, choosing the mint flavor option may prove to be beneficial. Whereas if you are craving the taste of a generic cigarette, the regular tobacco flavor will be more advantageous.

Many individuals throughout the UK are constantly on the hunt for the best UK ecigs and with the ample amount of popular companies including E-Lites and Skycig, the options are relatively endless. With the ample amount of flavor options, packaging, charging times, and prices, the final decision is based upon which electronic cigarette suits your personal needs. Finding the appropriate ecig can prove to be a simple venture.

The Best UK electronic cigarette..

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From £9.50
From £21.50
From £31.50

What is the best UK electronic cigarette?
We tested all brands for Spring 2013 based on similarity to smoking, flavour, longevity and money saved.

Last year, 2012 was the best year yet for UK ecigs, with the top two brands Skycig and E-Lites ending 2012 with their TV advertising campaigns. Both companies product the best ecigs in the UK for mimicking in every possible way a real cigarette. If you have only tried the disposables you need to try their top of the range kits. Both brands also have the best alternative flavours and represent your best chance to quit tobacco for good. We do have special discount codes unique to this site, for Skycig if you click through on the visit site button on your left you can get 15% off with discount code BIG15, for E-Lites ecigs you can get the best discount unique to click throughs from this site with code ELITESAFF15. Enjoy.

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